TDB Dry Rub Shaker

TDB Dry Rub Shaker

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Order one of our signature dry rubs, delivered right to your door! Choose any of our 10 dry rubs to cook on some ribs, season your pork & fish or toss your wings in...of course!

- Rub shaker is 5.5 oz.

- Ragin' Cajun is a Ranch/Cajun blend

- Ruffalo is a Ranch/Buffalo blend (Ranch + Buffalo = Ruffalo, not to mention it's the owner's Mother's Maiden name)

- Heat Level 0: Garlic Lemon Pepper, Zesty Ranch

- Heat Level 1: Old Bay

- Heat Level 2: Ragin' Cajun, Smokey Jalapeño BBQ, Sweet Jamaican, Spicy Sour Cream & Onion

- Heat Level 3: Cajun, Ruffalo

- Heat Level 4: Mango Habanero